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The Writer’s Claws

I’m not sure I mentioned this in the freelancing post, but my friend and I decided that 2012 was the year we were going to get. stuff. done! And in doing so, we came up with The Writer’s Claws (yes, claws not clause). It is as close to a legally binding pact as we’re willing to make and I thought I would share it with you! Perhaps you can make such an agreement with a friend of yours!

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The Frenzy of Freelancing

Lately, I jumped off the deep end. Into freelance writing. I hadn’t thought of it seriously, of actually marketing my writing talents for something other than just warm and fuzzy feedback (although I won’t deny that is still the best part), until just a few months ago. Considering how long I’ve been writing, you’d think it only natural that the progression happen. I suppose it just took a little longer for me.

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