The Bucket List

Many long years ago, okay, like six years ago, my friend made up a list of 100 Things to Do Before You Die, aka a Bucket List. This was before the movie came out, though, so it was just a list. I made my own, and, well, let’s put it up here! It’s not 100 Things anymore because several of those previously on the list were downright insane and impossible to accomplish due to circumstances outside my control. So here it is. What’s on your bucket list?

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The Cheez-It Anomaly

When I lived in China (and France, but this isn’t about that), I kept a semi-daily journal of my activities, crazy things I experienced, and stuff that just made no sense. My original intention was to publish it, but the desire to actually keep real details that may have included more than a few unpopular opinions about my China-friends made that a non-option. I did, however, get a book printed out and sent to me. It sits on my shelf along with my France journal and my copy of The Cereal Song. Today, I picked it up and read through the last half of the book. What I discovered is that I have really bad luck when it comes to traveling.

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