The Unofficial Mash-Up

As a writer, I tend to read a lot, though my genre choices seem to fluctuate between extremes like classic literature (Jane Austen, Faulkner, etc) and young adult fiction. Two very different ends of the spectrum.

I also have a habit of “coming late to the party” where some books are concerned, and this phenomenon isn’t just reserved for books. It spills over into TV shows, movies, and generally anything that can be considered pop culture. People all around me can be raving about a book or TV show and I still won’t go read it or watch it until a year later and then I realize how dumb I’ve been not to listen to them.

The most recent of these “late to the party” books has been The Hunger Games. I read them all last summer, a year after Mark Reads had read them, and when several people on tumblr began raving about them. Part of that, however, is because I was in France at the time and finding English language books can sometimes be challenging and not worth the effort. I also don’t like to read translated books before I’ve read the originals, so even if I’d spotted the Hunger Games in French, I might not have bought them.

In due time, however, obsessions with books grow and contort, and then the movies come out and the whole fandom gets in an uproar over actors and changing plot lines and finding new ships. Lionsgate (the company producing the movie) has been very mum on a lot of things regarding the film. With less than 54 days to go until the movie premieres, there have been only two trailers and a teaser, along with just a few new stills.

I suppose the whole point of this entry is really to say that, yesterday instead of working on writing anything, I went and made this:



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