The Cheez-It Anomaly

When I lived in China (and France, but this isn’t about that), I kept a semi-daily journal of my activities, crazy things I experienced, and stuff that just made no sense. My original intention was to publish it, but the desire to actually keep real details that may have included more than a few unpopular opinions about my China-friends made that a non-option. I did, however, get a book printed out and sent to me. It sits on my shelf along with my France journal and my copy of The Cereal Song. Today, I picked it up and read through the last half of the book. What I discovered is that I have really bad luck when it comes to traveling.

The majority of my traveling entries start off with: Worst. Travel. Day. Ever.

There was the time I got completely lost in South Korea at midnight in 30 degree weather, or the time I spent 4 hours on a train packed like sardines and avoiding the pee-covered bottles, or the time I got lost in Japan, three times in the same place, while it poured and then started to snow.

I am the type of person who likes to plan things, get organized, know exactly how to get places before I go. Maybe it’s the over preparation that kills me, but it sometimes works. In Prague, I didn’t get lost once… which of course made me paranoid.

Considering how much I travel, you’d think I’d be good at it by now, and I suppose if Europe was any indication, I did improve from China. The bright side of getting lost? It makes for great stories, and that’s what life is all about, isn’t it? My South Korea is the best of all as it has so many different aspects, from missing the bus stop to the cabbie who patted my arm sympathetically as I tried not to freak out.

Maybe I will rewrite the China Chronicles. A lot of interesting things happened that year that I’m not likely to forget. I suppose it’s the Cheez-It Anomaly, and you’ll just have to read the Chronicles someday to find out what that means.


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