The Bucket List

Many long years ago, okay, like six years ago, my friend made up a list of 100 Things to Do Before You Die, aka a Bucket List. This was before the movie came out, though, so it was just a list. I made my own, and, well, let’s put it up here! It’s not 100 Things anymore because several of those previously on the list were downright insane and impossible to accomplish due to circumstances outside my control. So here it is. What’s on your bucket list?

  1. Become fluent in French
  2. Have a successful career in a field I enjoy
  3. Go to the Westminster Kennel Club dog show
  4. SHOW in the Westminster show
  5. Win at the ARBA convention
  6. Publish a book
  7. Get the whole HP series in French and read them all
  8. Visit all 50 U.S. states
  9. Live in a foreign country for at least a few months
  10. Have a book I wrote made into a movie
  11. Go to Britain
  12. Go to New Zealand
  13. Go to Australia
  14. Go to Greece
  15. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  16. Take a cruise to Alaska
  17. Become a certified ARBA judge
  18. Become a certified AKC judge
  19. Buy a pretty new car
  20. Have a black Mercedes
  21. Go into Best Buy and buy anything I want regardless of the price
  22. Live somewhere where it snows on a regular winter basis
  23. Buy a house
  24. Stand on a bridge in the pouring rain
  25. Put up an entire Christmas tree (real tree) by myself
  26. Keep a plant alive for more than a month
  27. Get a dress like the ones in POTC
  28. Get another piercing
  29. Learn to cook
  30. Read all the “classic” books
  31. Read all of Jane Austen’s books
  32. Meet Orlando Bloom
  33. Be an extra in a movie
  34. Make an independent film
  35. Go to the Cannes Film Festival in France
  36. Meet Rupert Grint
  37. Meet a guy with a British accent and become friends
  38. Give money to charity
  39. Start a foundation
  40. Live in the country
  41. Live in the city
  42. Learn to knit more than scarves and blankets
  43. Create an awkward silence
  44. Pet a tiger
  45. Learn to play piano well
  46. Learn to arrange flowers
  47. Own a Bouvier de Flandres
  48. Own a ragdoll cat
  49. Give practiced compliments
  50. Have a hot-pink toaster
  51. Read the entire Bible
  52. Get a pottery wheel and kiln
  53. Make my own dishes
  54. Learn to use a sewing machine properly
  55. Apply to Harvard for Grad school
  56. Go swimming in the rain
  57. Go ice fishing
  58. Buy boots and really use them
  59. Buy a four-poster bed
  60. Use big words and know what they mean
  61. Make a room into a theater-style room
  62. Grow a rosebush
  63. Print a novel on an entire package of printer paper
  64. Ruin a romantic moment
  65. Install an appliance
  66. Graduate college
  67. Have a candle-lit chandelier
  68. Wear an ostentatious feather in my hair
  69. Fly first class
  70. Learn how to wood carve
  71. Carve a turkey
  72. Make jam
  73. Go lobster-hunting, or fishing
  74. Plant a maple tree and watch the leaves change colors
  75. Crunch all the crunchable leaves in town
  76. Learn how to fix cars
  77. Wallpaper a room in a horrible color and design
  78. Buy a diamond necklace
  79. Find the real Mr. Darcy (and marry him)
  80. Fill up my iPod with music (that I like)
  81. Write a musical
  82. Memorize a section of a pretentious book to quote at people at random times
  83. Find a happy medium between apathy and caring too much
  84. Own a completely comfortable, squishy arm chair – one you never want to leave
  85. Learn how to do makeup properly
  86. Dye part of my hair a ridiculously bright color
  87. Put a sound system in an entire house
  88. Live in Washington D.C.
  89. Be happy where I am
  90. Have close friends who live close by
  91. Stop avoiding conflict
  92.  Be more assertive

As you can see, I’ve only accomplished about 14 of the things on my list, but I’ve also done a lot in the past few years that wasn’t on my list. That’s mostly because when I wrote this list, going to China or Japan or Prague wasn’t on my mind. Sometimes you never know exactly what you want to do until you’re doing it.


7 thoughts on “The Bucket List

  1. I decided not to list the books I intend to read, as there as just far too many of them. This is interesting, though. Most of mine seem impossible but it’s always been my belief to reach for the stars, even if they appear completely out of reach.

    1. I saw yours about reading 365 books in a year. That’s a lot! that’s one book a day. I have plenty of books on my mental list, but they’re not really important enough to put down on a life’s goal list.

  2. Mine isn’t 100 items long, and its changed once since it’s inception. But okay, here goes”
    1. Go public with a bald head.
    2. Meet Oprah
    3. Produce internet television series
    4. Be head writer on the television show I sell produce on the internet
    5. Write / sell a movie script
    6. Sign with a major publisher
    7. Be on the New York Times Best Sellers list at least once
    8. Go to a nude beach in an exotic locale (not so sure I’ll get naked, but you never know)
     Cruise the Greek Isles (Did it – June 2011)
    10. Take the Brazilian Carnival cruise up the coast of Brazil
     Lose 30 pounds (Did it – as of Oct. 2011)
    11. Learn to ride / own a motorcycle (and not one of those granny looking cruisers either)
    12. Learn to shoot / own a 9mm hand gun and a pistol grip cross bow
    13. Go jet skiing on the ocean
    14. Go snow mobiling in Switzerland
    15. Live abroad for three to six months (England, Australia, Greece, Brazil, Scotland, Germany…tropics)
    16. Have a million dollars in my savings account
    17. Pay off ALL of my debt
    18. Find (and maybe talk to) GPH
    19. Finally kiss “him”
    20. Party almost naked in the streets of Rio de Janeiro during Carnival (Mardi Gras)
    21. Got to Hawaii (all of the islands)
    22. Pet a bear, tiger, Panda, koala (or at least touch a live one while it’s heavily sedated)
    23. Travel with my grandchildren (if I have any)
    24. See my nephews graduate from high school / college
    25. New York = shop, eat, party and see a Broadway show
    26. Have a house built from the ground up for me and who ever to live in (preferably on an island)
    27. Fall in love (for real) one last time…deleted. I’m thinking love should not factor into any of my plans from here on out.
    28. Get my second and final tattoo
    29. Buy my ’10 Charger, ’10 Challenger, ’67 Mustang, ’79 Firebird, ’08 Charger, ’08 Titan, brand new Rolls Royce
    30. Learn how to speak Portugues
    31. Lose 10 more pounds
    32. …

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