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Finding Your Theme

Yesterday I rambled for a while on the difficulties of plotting, or rather thinking up a plot that isn’t overused, overwrought, or just plain boring. Some stories don’t need great plots to stand out, though. Some stories are carried entirely by their characters who sometimes sit around in a room for the entire book  (No Exit. Waiting for Godot. Anyone?).

There are lots of important elements that go into creating stories, and half the time, we don’t even realize we’re doing it, which brings me to my point: theme. Every story has a theme even if it’s one you never meant to create.

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Plotting a Plot of Plots

As per my “Writer’s Claws,” in the year 2012, I am required to write 3 novels/screenplays if I am to succeed. A novel has to be over 50k words and a screenplay has to be 100+ pages. It’s nearly the end of March, and clearly I have been procrastinating.

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