In Your Hands – A Story of Fate

I’ve been meaning to write this post since Sunday, but every time I went to do it, I thought to myself, “No, I must get my three pages done first.” Three pages are three pages of my screenplay that I’m writing for Script Frenzy during the month of April. Yes, on top of my job, my freelance writing work, and my own personal novel/story writing and editing, I’ve taken on a script. I really am a masochist.

Script Frenzy (aka Screnzy) is not my normal thing, to be honest. I’ve done it for the last four years; this will be the 5th, but I’m not a screenplay writer at heart. I always find myself trying too hard, trying to write something that’s intelligent and funny and things that I can be but not when forced. This year, then, my friend and I made the decision to make screnzy fun.

This year, we aren’t going to force intelligence on our scripts, aren’t going to force comedy or romance or whatever other rules have been impressed on us over the years. I’m not a script writer normally, so sometimes the structure of scripts escapes me and I find myself constantly running back to the, “what’s supposed to happen by page ten?” This year, though, that doesn’t matter. What matters is that we just write.

My screenplay plot comes from a Movie Synopsis Meme I did on Tumblr. Someone picks a few actors, then you put your music player on shuffle and write a plot summary based on the song that comes up. Here’s this year’s:

On another plane of existence, everything that shouldn’t exist does: Time, Destiny, Fate. They have always been tied to the coexisting plane where humans live and have spent thousands of years meddling in their lives. However, Fate is growing tired with her lot in life and she makes an appeal to be rid of her… well, fate. She is given one last task before she may shed her title.

Fate is disappointed to find she’s been saddled with Garrett, a bitter old man, living through old photographs and lamenting every missed opportunity. However, she must send him into his past and help him finally get his fate right.

The only problem is that Garrett doesn’t know he’s been given the opportunity to change his whole life, and Fate has to try her hardest to guide him away from his previous mistakes, such as his girlfriend who will eventually leave him heartbroken and just plain broke.

As she works, though, Fate finds herself falling for Garrett, but giving in to her desires in human form could jeopardize everything. Is she willing to risk her last chance at escaping her own destiny? Or does fate really have its own way of working itself out?

I’m trying my best to work out the logistics of parallel universes and soon, time travel, as soon as I get to that point in the story. Luckily, Time (the person) features in the story, and I think Fate will be asking her a favor soon. Luck may even get a cameo. It’s not my usual plot, but it sounded fun, and that’s what writing is supposed to be.

So I’m off to work some more on it, and screw the structure. It’s my movie, and it’ll probably never see the light of a producers desk, so it really doesn’t matter.

Would you watch it?


One thought on “In Your Hands – A Story of Fate

  1. I’d watch it.

    Interesting word play, imo, fwiw, I’d say fate feels the a need for balance with wants and choice, maybe if only to better understand who she is, or rather who she is not. The problem being eventually she’ll find her own fate is a hell of a lot more interesting than somebody else’s, just need to find a way to get more control of it. Or not. Definitely thought provoking.

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