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Fate Laughs at the Slow

April will be over in four days. And I have not finished my script yet.

Normally, I finish within the two week mark and then laze around for the rest of the month. When I was still in school, I spent it writing papers and putting off studying for finals. These days, I have no school to keep me busy, no papers to keep me distracted, no fun college things to do. Instead I just have work. And yet, here I am on day 26 with an incomplete script.

I’m actually behind, by about five pages now. My best friend said she finds it comforting that I’m not finished yet, said it makes me more human somehow if I’m struggling behind like the rest of the participants. I’m not a struggler, though, never have been except in math (math is evil). I don’t like being behind. I don’t like procrastinating most things. Yes, I was that annoying person in school who had all the papers written three weeks in advance. You hated me. And I hated you. It was a mutual hate.

I suppose life has just been a little messy lately. I quit my job. I’m moving next week. I have to find a way to fit everything I own into my (very small) car. I have a lot more stuff than you’d think: 2 whole boxes of DVDs, 3+ boxes of books, and then everything else I’ve kept since childhood. Granted, I’ve been through those boxes three times since last summer and gotten rid of a lot, but some things I just can’t bear to part with even if I don’t need them.

This script just feels like it’s weighing me down. Most of my scenes, especially the last 20 pages, are just the characters rambling at each other, sometimes fighting, sometimes just talking. I’ve thrown them out of planes, had them fall off rock cliffs, and given them waterburn from water skiing. It sounds much more interesting than it is, but no director or producer is ever going to see this. No public is ever going to view this movie up on screen and say, “I hope her parachute doesn’t open and she splats on the ground.”

Maybe I should try the procrastination route and wait until the last day of screnzy to write my last pages. It’d be a first for me. And isn’t that what life is about? Trying new things. After all, I apparently can’t stay in a place longer than a year anymore, so off I go on another crazy adventure that I may regret in a few months, but oh well. C’est la vie. A bientôt, mes amis.


One thought on “Fate Laughs at the Slow

  1. lol, reminds me of the Don Quixote/Sancho exchange:
    Quixote: “no squire has even taken a donkey before”
    Sancho: “then i’d be the first”
    Quixote: “well, i guess there might be some virtue in that”

    especially with Lithgow as Quixote, seemed like a perfect fit for the role.

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