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The Whole Kitchen Sink

I’m on my third try re-writing this story.

It’s a short story that I just wanted to do as a time-waster before NaNo. My intention was to write a very short (2-3k word) story, something that could be read as a standalone, something soft and sweet, artsy, as I like to call those particular stories that just seem pretty. They’re harder to write than you think, though.

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The Glamorous Life of a Freelancer

A lot of people probably think that freelancing is just an excuse to sleep late and work in your pajamas. Don’t get me wrong! I get to work in my pajamas if I want to, but I generally prefer to actually get dressed.

The reason for that is that, honestly, the only way to actually succeed as a freelance anything is to place structure on yourself and your life. It is a job not just an excuse to stay home all day.

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The Writing Buddy

Everyone has a writing buddy of some sort, whether it’s the lamp that sits on your desk, a friend across town, or a friend halfway across the world. During NaNoWriMo especially, it’s important to find someone who can help to encourage you when you get down and give you the strength to keep typing.

Just keep typing, just keep typing. What do we do? We type type type…

I have numerous writing buddies, especially during the month of November, and that is part of what makes NaNo so fun for me. Once a year I get to talk to these same people that I don’t generally talk to throughout the rest of the year and we write together. We have word wars and discuss our plots and our chocolate-eating habits. It’s a grand old time.

This year, I have a new writing buddy! Her name is Tiga and she’s super friendly. She came new to the household on Tuesday. It’s free adoption at the shelter all month long, including shots and spay/neuter. So a wonderful, healthy kitty for free! So far, all she does is purr. She loves to climb all over your lap and purr. She also enjoys draping herself over my arms as I attempt to type. It’s been an adjustment with the dogs. Actually, she hates the dogs but hopefully she will adjust.

She is my new writing buddy for NaNo and I predict she will at least keep my feet warm as I write my novel this year. She also enjoys stepping on my keyboard. Must prevent that from happening.

This November is going to be a challenge, but hopefully one I can manage, and with Tiga by my side, at least there’s something cute to look at when things don’t go my way.