Fancast Your Novel!

So NaNoWriMo is less than a month away and that means all the prep work gets to begin! I did quite a bit yesterday, plotting and character work. So I thought I’d share it with you guys!

Summary:¬†Long ago, every human being in the world had an Other Half, their soulmate and destined future. Then humans angered the gods with their unfaithful and slanderous ways. In punishment, the gods removed the Other Halves from the world, only to be restored once the human race learned from their mistakes. Now, humans have created their own rules along with a mandate requiring marriage by the age of twenty. Sequoia Rush is only a few months from her twentieth birthday and she has already been betrothed. Like everyone else, she grew up hearing the myths of Other Halves, but unlike everyone else, she believes the myths aren’t just legends. With time running out before her wedding, Sequoia sets off in search of her Other Half, but she must find him before he too marries someone else.

It’s a young adult/dystopian novel with its own set of mythology and gods. In addition to making this lovely cover mock-up, I also went ahead and fancast the main and secondary characters in my novel.

It took quite a while with some, and with the main character, I finally went with my friend and up-coming actress, Catharine Pilafas. I’d like to think if this was ever made into a movie, she could play the lead role.

In addition, I cast the other roles, although it’s mostly just for looks reference since I don’t really know any of the actors.

Have you picked any actors for your novel?


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