The Inevitable Question

As always, with the end of November, or really any long, time-consuming, soul-eating, banana-wearing, cat-clawing project, comes the inevitable question of: WHAT DO I DO NOW?

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It’s Two Days Before Thanksgiving

And I’ve just hit 51k on my NaNo novel. What does that mean? Not much to be honest since I really don’t know how much more this story has in it. I already know there’s a sequel/book two coming although when I’ll write that is anybody’s guess.

Now it’s just the push to the end of the book. Generally, my nano novels tend to end around 55-60k but this year’s is different. At least it’s not like 2010’s novel that didn’t even make it to 60k before I stopped writing it (it was only a third of the way into the story by then and I couldn’t bring myself to push to the end). I need to finish this novel before the end of November. I must finish it.

I’m not really sure now far it is to the end, though. We’re definitely past the halfway point and the climax is gearing up slowly here but. But what needs to happen needs to happen slowly to really be believable, but other things have to happen quickly. It’s going to be a hard balance to get out and make sure it’s not all discombobulated.

It’s been a strange month, hard to get into the swing of things after the trip to Kansas. It also doesn’t feel like November at all considering it’s been sunny and 70 degrees most days. Thanksgiving forecast of 75.

Well, I suppose I should get back to the novel and keep pushing. Hopefully we’ll see the end soon enough.


Good Morning, Wichita!

Hello there. I am back. Where was I? I went to Wichita, Kansas for 6 days for the biggest rabbit show in the country (over 21000 rabbits in one place), the ARBA Convention. Since this isn’t the place for that, you can read all about it here on my rabbit website!

What that means, though, is that I am totally and completely unprepared to start writing anything for NaNo. I feel as if I need a vacation from my trip, which wasn’t really much of a vacation since I had all of two minutes to relax the entire time I was there. Yesterday I managed to get my 1667 in for NaNo, but I doubt I’ll be doing it today. I guess I’ll just have to catch up tomorrow.

I’ve just been so wrapped up in rabbits that it’s hard to pull yourself out of it.

How do you get back into writing, though, when you’ve been away for a week?

That’s a good question, one I wish I had an answer for. I think once I’ve recovered from this trip, things will go back to normal. I’ve just been immersed in everything for so long now that it’s hard to get a grip back on reality, but it must be done! Maybe not today, though…