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Step Away from the Computer! A Lesson in Unwiring

I am probably one of the biggest avoiders of this rule. Given the choice, I would stay at my computer most of the hours of the day, whether surfing the internet, writing, or watching television. In fact, some days I do.

As a freelance writer, most of my work takes place on the computer and on the internet, so I do spend a vast chunk of time with my laptop open. Some people seem to think that’s not healthy, but what do they know, eh? Actually, they’re probably right, and anyway, getting away from technology can actually give a much-needed boost of energy and creativity.

In order to unwire, there have to be other things that you enjoy doing. Cultivating different hobbies that don’t involve computers is important. Take up reading, running, crafting, photography, etc. I raise rabbits, so they can take up a big chunk of time to work with them, teaching them to sit up properly for judges, handling them so they’re all friendly, etc. It gives me an excuse to go out to the barn and get away from the computer.

a current litter of mine: 3wk old Netherland Dwarfs
a current litter of mine: 3wk old Netherland Dwarfs

Go for a walk or take a nap. Get out in fresh air a couple times a day and let go of your obsessive need to check facebook every five minutes. Go watch a movie or get coffee with a friend. Find things to stimulate your intellect and imagination. In the case of writer’s block, sometimes it just takes stimulation to get yourself going again.

If you have the time and the money, take a vacation and leave your computer behind. Turn off your smart phone and get off the internet. Since it’s all around us all the time these days, it’s harder to get away from it, but let your phone die and leave the tablet at home. Go lay by the beach for a few days and enjoy time without technology crowding all your brain space.

It isn’t really important what you do except that you do unwire at least a couple times a week. Give yourself a break and let go of the computer or phone. The world won’t explode without you.


2 thoughts on “Step Away from the Computer! A Lesson in Unwiring

  1. Much of my day is often at the computer, both work and pleasure. I do know those days I don’t sleep as well as the days I spend less time there. I even had to choose to stop reading e-books and return to the real thing to avoid reading through the night.

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