How to Find your (Support) Network

Writing is not the most forgiving profession. Oftentimes, it can’t support a lifestyle and the goal of being a novelist can take years and years to come to fruition, especially in a way that most people would consider profitable. Many people measure success by the amount of money you make doing something, but writing isn’t always a money-making thing. Some people who write have no interest in publishing or becoming famous novelists. They write because they love it, as do all writers. When you’re writing, though, it’s important to find your support network and hold onto it.

What is your support network? It’s the people who encourage you to write, the people who are interested in reading your work, the people you can turn to for help when you’re stuck. They may not always understand how your mind works, but they support you anyway.

Finding these people can be easy or hard. Some people luck into it with supportive families and friends. Others don’t have those so they have to find it. But where?

  1. Online. Writers flock to the internet for research, writing groups, plot help, etc. Facebook has plenty of groups to join. There are writer forums, and many social media sites help bring writers together such as livejournal, blogs, or other places.
  2. Local writing groups. I am not lucky enough to live in a city large enough to have one, but many towns have local writing groups where people can get together and discuss writing and fiction.
  3. Libraries. Some libraries also offer writing groups and classes.
  4. Colleges or community colleges. Take a writing class and meet new people that share the same interests as you.
  5. Gather your friends together. Find friends that are interested in writing and encourage them to do it. Together, you can find happiness and support together.

Your support network is the people who you can talk to about writing and the ones that will encourage you to keep going, who can help you with ideas, or just be there to listen when you’re stuck. It’s important to have one for those time when you will inevitably feel as if you’re the worst writer in the world. It happens to all of us, being that many writers are their own worst critics. So find someone to support you and keep them close!

Who is in your support network and how did you find it?


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