Writing Tips

5 Ways Your Writing is going to Suck and How to Fix It

No one is perfect. Certainly writers aren’t, and that’s part of what makes what we do special. We aren’t always trying to write the next great American novel or the next best-selling series. Sometimes we just want to write whatever story is in our heads, good or not. Sometimes we just have to get it out before it eats us alive. This leads me to today’s topic of bad writing.

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Writing Tips

A Writer’s Worst Critic – Himself

Learning to take criticism is an important step towards publishing and becoming a better writer. Sometimes, people just can’t hack it. Criticism is what’s going to make you better, help you learn new techniques and what not to do in writing, and help you differentiate between good criticism and bad criticism. In the world, there are two types of critics, though: others and yourself.

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