Writing Tips

Character Descriptions are Hard

Let’s face it, describing people’s looks can be difficult especially if you try not to go overboard. How many times have you described someone as having ears the size of watermelon, pointed at the end and covered in freckles? Never, right? Most of the time, you say, “well, um, they’re tall… brown hair, brown eyes…” That’s about as far as most descriptions go in real life. Of course, prose is a bit more relaxed and there you have the ability to go a little overboard. Even so, descriptions are hard.

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Writing Tips

Follow the Crowd or Forge your own Path?

These days, most people would say there is absolutely nothing new in the world of literature, and while that may be true in certain respects, that doesn’t mean you have to fall in with the crowd. Every few years or so, a new fad becomes popular in literature. Especially in Young Adult fiction, different topics become popular for a while and it seems like everyone just jumps on the bandwagon. First it was wizards (thank you, Harry Potter), and then it was vampires (no thank you, Twilight), and werewolves, etc. These days, Dystopian is in, largely due to the Hunger Games. This is the point where you as an author have to decide what kind of writer you are.

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