How to Find Your Blog in a Sea of Blogs

Blogging can be a crapshoot, to say the least. It’s a lot of hit or miss, so it’s imperative to figure out just what you want to blog about and how to gain followers and readers. Especially when it comes to certain subjects – writing in particular – there are thousands of blogs about it. Some are there only to promote an author. Others are there offering tips or insight, while still more are just a space for people to share their work and hopefully connect with others. In order to find your blog, you have to first find your niche.

If you want to be a promoting author, be a promoting author. If you want to offer advice, offer advice. If you just want it to be a catch-all for all things writing, that can work too, but beware that that option is far more personal and less likely to gain followers unless you’re offering something like fun drawings or free candy.

So you’ve got your niche. Now what?

  • Use different blogging techniques such as…
  • Lists! Everyone loves lists.
  • Diagrams – if you’re good at it, you can make many fun and informative diagrams relating to your subject
  • How-to’s – give advice on how to do things or make things
  • Interact with commenters
  • In order to build (and maintain) a following, you have to be involved. Reply to comments, create discussions from those, be present in your blog.
  • Update regularly
  • When blogs go for a long time without being updated, people tend to lose interest or just plain forget about you. Unless you’ve got a large following, people will leave.
  • Create interesting content
  • Just having the blog isn’t enough. What you put on it has to be interesting and reach out to that niche you want.

Making a blog is easy. It’s the rest that’s the hard part. With work, however, you can build a good blog and that can be a stepping stone for many things to come.


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