Writing Tips

The Devil’s in the Details

Details are what makes a novel. But they can also be what drags things down. A good novel finds the right mix between too much detail and just enough.

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SFC – Strong Female Characters in Fiction

Lately, especially, I feel like society is changing and that, in turn, should reflect in writing. There’s a lot of shaming that goes on around women both in reality and in fiction. If a woman in a novel is strong, she’s often seen as a bitch, but if she’s caring, she’s seen as weak. Female characters get a lot of hate, most of it undeserved. Sure, there are the occasional characters who couldn’t walk without a man on their arms (Bella Swan for one), but a lot of women characters get flak for things they don’t deserve.

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Writing Tips

Escaping Editing Funks

I’ve been in an editing funk for several (okay, more like eight) months with a story. It’s gone on so long that I’ve reached the point where even thinking about it and the changes that still need to be made makes me feel angry and want to give up completely. I’ve come so very close to just deleting the entire file and scrapping the whole thing a few times. Unfortunately, I can’t do that (it’s under contract so that would not be good) and someone said that you have to push through the hard times, right?

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