Winner’s Circle

Winning is great, especially when you’ve worked hard. I’m pleased to say that I won NaNo. Of course, the novel isn’t finished but at least it’s written partially. For the moment, it’ll have to sit for a while since I have other commitments to finish first. I have to say, I’m glad the year is coming to an end. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to keep to my goals (whatever they will be). I hope you all won NaNo, if you were participating.

Now it’s time to get back to real life. Ugh. I’d much rather live in my fictional worlds, but I suppose that is the curse of the writer. If we could live in fictional worlds, I doubt we would ever do anything.

Well, I’m off to enjoy my win, and by enjoy, I mean do more work. SO YES. Congrats to all the winners!


Unexpected Faces in Unexpected Places

I don’t know if I’ve discussed this before, but I’ll be the first to admit that I am terrible at networking. If my life depended on networking, I’d be one of the first to die. Social interactions take a lot of work for me, and I’m sure for others. People say that networking is important, though, and sometimes it can yield unexpected results.

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NaNo Updates!

It’s over halfway through the month and here I am failing spectacularly once again and updating my blog for November. Things have just been rather busy around here but fear not! I have not forgotten about my blog and I frequently think on it with a twinge of guilt for not writing anything.

Blame it on NaNoWriMo, though. That’s what November is for after all. So how is NaNo going, you ask? Not as well as it has in the past, let’s just say that. I often refer to the year when I wrote my whole novel in five days (2009 was a glorious writing year), but I’m beginning to think that was a fluke. Since then, I just haven’t had inspiration like that. Not for NaNo anyway. This year, I’ve been plodding along, much slower than I normally do. Every day, I barely hit the goal. The story isn’t going badly, per se. It’s just slow-going.

A NaNo buddy of mine has already hit 200k this month, and here I am barely cracking 27k. But as a writer, it’s a very good idea not to compare yourself to others. You don’t know what those 200k words are. They could be better or worse than yours. It really doesn’t matter. You should look at it as inspiration. They can do that, so there’s no reason you can’t reach 50k. I just need to get in gear because this is really my last week to really work on it.

In the seven years I’ve been doing NaNo, I have not yet lost, and if you know me at all by now, I’m stubborn to the last, so I’ll see at the end of NaNo with 50k words in my pocket and hopefully you will too.