Music to your Ears

When people say “the arts,” most of the time, they’re referring to the fine arts, including music, drawing, painting, etc. Writing does belong to those arts, but along with writing, music goes hand in hand. It’s important to find the music that helps you most in writing, if that’s your cup of tea.

I like having music playing almost constantly. It varies from classical to pop to indie rock to everything in between. For some people, music is a great force behind their writing. For others, it’s just something in the background. For me, I’ve found that I can gauge my level of investment in a project by how much I pay attention to the music playing.

Usually, I don’t pick a specific type of music depending on what I’m writing. I just put on whatever I feel like listening to. If I find myself switching the song every time one I don’t feel like listening to comes on, that means I’m not as invested in what I’m writing. When a few hours pass and I haven’t even realized what I was listening to, that’s when things have been going well.

What are your favorite musical choices? With lyrics or without? Is there any particular song that really inspires you to write?


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