Books I Want to Write

Every one of us has a list a thousand miles long of books we’d like to write or plots we’d love to see written (just maybe not by us because, oh my god, writing takes so long, you guys). So I thought we’d have some fun today and come up with books I’d love to write but either a) don’t have the time, b) don’t have the proper imagination to bring to justice, or c) may write at some point in the future.

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Writing Tips

How to Develop Your Hobbies for Better Writing

The easy answer to this one is to simply participate in your hobbies! Of course, easier said than done. We probably all have hobbies that we don’t take the time to do. Other things come up and we spend hours on the internet instead of reading or knitting or racing video game cars. I’ve talked about the importance of hobbies in the past in regards to writing, but I thought we’d go into more on how to develop them.

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Writing Tips

Finding the Right Length of your Novel

I saw something the other day on Tumblr about the average lengths of fantasy novels. They ranged depending on the type of fantasy and I think it’s something important to talk about. As you may know, NaNoWriMo purports to have people write a novel in a month, but at 50k words, it comes in more as a longer novella. Generally, novels range between 60-80k words, especially for a first try. So what length should you be aiming for? Well, that depends on a few factors.

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