Writing Tips

How to Develop Your Hobbies for Better Writing

The easy answer to this one is to simply participate in your hobbies! Of course, easier said than done. We probably all have hobbies that we don’t take the time to do. Other things come up and we spend hours on the internet instead of reading or knitting or racing video game cars. I’ve talked about the importance of hobbies in the past in regards to writing, but I thought we’d go into more on how to develop them.

As having hobbies aside from writing is so important, it’s a great idea to try new things. In order to develop hobbies, you must first find things you enjoy doing.

  1. Take a class: go down to your local community college or wherever and sign up for something new and different. Take pottery or art or maybe just any subject that interests you. The more you are interested in other things, the more opportunities there are to write about.
  2. Invest time: actually putting time into your hobbies is pretty important. It’s easy to say you collect stamps as a hobby but never collect any stamps. That’s basically just a waste of a sentence.
  3. Don’t be afraid to drop hobbies: sometimes you grow out of things or you discover that you don’t like it as much as you thought you might. There’s no rule that says you have to keep doing something just because you started it. Drop it and find something new! A wide variety is the spice of life.DSCF2124 2

My own hobbies are broad and strange sometimes. My biggest hobby outside of writing is raising rabbits. Sounds like a weird hobby, yes? Well, it takes a lot of time and investment, but it opens me up to meeting new people and getting new perspectives on a variety of subjects, all of which ties back into writing.

Developing hobbies is just as important as having them in the first place, so take time to do it and really learn something new about the world in the process!


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