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New Beginnings… And Endings

Don’t remember if I mentioned it, but I’ve been in the middle of some serious novel rewrites for the past couple months. First, it was a novel and now it’s the sequel. I’m super relieved to say that the first one is in the proofing stages at long last (I was beginning to think it would never make it after 2 years). The other is still in the rewriting process, but I have successfully reached the end, it seems.

Writing endings should be an easy task – you have the rest of the story; you know where it’s going, and the ending should be right in front of you. Sometimes, though, actually getting that last bit out is the most excruciating. For some people, me especially, I find the endings the most boring parts to write. They’re easy (in a sense) because you know what’s going to happen. It’s just a matter of writing it out. In other senses, it can be a struggle to actually get it down.

I’ve spent the better part of two months rewriting my novel completely, basically from the ground up as the first draft was, well, not great. The only things I kept in were the theme and characters (although significantly altered). It is certainly not easy to start over on something you once thought was good. It takes facing your own problems and not crying whenever the email from your editor shows up in your inbox. When I sent off my last edit, I was fairly sure he was either going to a) hate it and tell me I had to start all over again, or b) tell me that despite my surety that it was complete crap, that it was better.

At some point, when you’ve been working on something for so long and you feel as though you just can’t write anymore, things become black and white. It either will still be terrible when you turn it in or it will be significantly better than you expect. You’re so close to your own work most of the time that seeing beyond your faults becomes impossible, especially if you feel defeated.

When I sent it in, I felt like there was nothing I could do to save it. I felt like my fingers were just typing and my brain had nothing to do with it. To my surprise, and relief, this draft has been dubbed 100% better than the last one. Now, I just have to finish it.

Pushing through is the best way I know to do this. I have less than a month to get it finished. Now’s the time to stop procrastinating and get to it. If you have any tips or tricks to getting things finished, leave them in the comments! We’ve got to stick together if we’re going to get through these endings and the many more to come.


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