About Me

I never know what to write on my About Me pages because what can you really say about yourself in a few paragraphs? You say what you do, a few little facts about yourself, but that’s not really about anything, so hey, let’s get to know each other better. The things we are make up why we do the things we do so here we go.

As you all know, my name is Elyce and I’m 26 (soon to be 27 but let’s not talk about that). When people ask me where I’m from, I never know what to tell them. As a kid, I spent the most time in Oregon (9 years – the longest time I lived any one place), but I’ve lived in six states so far. I suppose I grew up there, spent several seminal years there, but I also lived in Washington and Arizona for several of those growing up years.DSCF1169 copy

Aside from moving a lot and being terminally shy and unable to make friends easily (a common curse among writers, I hear), as a kid, I had a love of animals. It was encouraged by my parents who allowed my sister and I to have almost any pet we could. We had so many different kinds of pets over the years – tree frogs, gerbils, hamsters, cats, dogs, rabbits. I was involved in 4-H for dogs and rabbits and spent almost every weekend going to shows. I’m sure my mother loved getting up at 3AM and driving us halfway across the state every Saturday.

These days, I still have the rabbits, though I had to get rid of them for college and then several years afterward. I used to want twenty different breeds of dogs, but now, once I get to a place where I can have dogs again, I only plan on one or two dogs – a boxer, corgi, or bouvier de flandres (if I can find a breeder. They’re not exactly a common breed). My parents still have a cat of mine from high school – Lottie – but I have a new cat named Tiga who is my writing companion. So far, she’s been pretty much the best cat I’ve ever had.

I tend to get restless easily. I’m not sure if it comes from moving so much or what, but I get bored when I stay in the same place for too long. For the past eight years, I’ve moved every year, be it to a new apartment or a new country. I’m hoping to break the cycle here, but we’ll see come next year. I just moved in October again.

DSCF2124 2My favorite things to do are mostly watch TV, movies, or hang around on the internet. I also do random things like knit and projects. I helped my brother-in-law remodel their house – put in new flooring, repainted the entire house, patched holes, remodeled the bathrooms. I’m pretty good with a jigsaw these days.

I used to travel a lot but that was back when I had… well, I was going to say money, but I didn’t have any money then either. I got lucky with jobs for a few years that allowed me to live in both China and France. I speak French fairly well – majored in it in college. My Mandarin, on the other hand, is fairly basic. All I learned in the ten months I lived there was numbers and how to order food. Hey, it got me by and I can order you some great food, so long as you like one of the ten dishes I can name. France was the best by far, not only because I understood the language, but also because it was Europe which meant western-style toilets (no holes in the ground in Europe!), western hygiene (no spitting everywhere! No babies with no diapers!), and also, Europe. In nine months, I made it to thirteen countries and all with my measly teaching assistant salary. Of course, there are more places I would like to visit. I didn’t manage to get to Greece and I’d like to see more of Eastern Europe, though I suspect that won’t happen for a while what with the problems over there recently. That was one reason I didn’t get to Thailand when I was in China. The government was having upsets, so I didn’t get to go pet a tiger.

Right now, my dreams are rather muddled, but aren’t they always? When I was a kid, I had a super clear vision of my future – I was either going to be a veterinarian or work in a cubicle. I really wanted to work in a cubicle and I still kind of do. These days, I’m not sure. I want to write but you can’t always just write. Money needs to be made and unless you’re JK Rowling, you have to work. I don’t regret getting a French degree for a second, but it hasn’t been a whole lot of help. I guess I’ll just keep plugging along and see where it takes me!

Well, I hope we’ve learned something and if you feel like sharing, by all means, drop a comment and tell me something about yourself!


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