Writing Tips

Getting Away Does the Mind Good

Everyone needs a vacation. I think a lot of us need more vacation time than we get, even if it’s just a week at home doing nothing. Me, I don’t usually get much allocated vacation time, and the time I spend away from home is usually hardly a vacation. This weekend, I went to Scottsdale, AZ but it wasn’t for a vacation. It was for a rabbit show (which is definitely no kind of vacation considering all the work involved). On the other hand, since I used to live in Phoenix, going back there feels like a mini-vacation no matter what I’m doing.

As a writer, our brains get all kinds of hard-wired to focus focus focus on the tasks at hand. Then we get stuck. We get stuck on novels or whatever we’re working on and we can’t get unstuck. There are really only two foolproof (okay, nothing is foolproof but it helps) that I use to get my brain back on track.

  1. Take a walk. Take a walk around the block or down to the park, something long enough that you can get away from the house and have time to yourself. Take your dog if you want, but I find it’s better to take the iPod and take a long walk. It relaxes your mind and your body and opens up the ideas.
  2. Take a shower. In the same vein as taking a walk, a shower allows you to be alone and gather your thoughts. Plus you get clean!

I still say we don’t get enough vacation time but you should take advantage of it when you do get it. Perhaps for the next blog, I’ll talk about where I’d like my next vacation to be!


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