Where I Want to Travel

I’ve mentioned before that travel is a great way to broaden your horizons and give your writing new life, so I’ve put together a list of the places I want to go.

Granted, I have already traveled quite a bit (20 countries), but there are many more out there. I’ll start with the ones I would like to revisit and then the ones I have yet to go to.

1. France: I have an unabashed love for everything French which should be a given considering I was a French major in college. I lived and worked there for a year and I will never pass up a DSCF1049 copychance to return. My favorite thing, of course, is the cheese. And the bread. And the foie gras. Okay, all French foods are amazing. This time, aside from visiting my favorite towns (Arras, Lille, Paris), I’d like to explore the northern coast, which I didn’t have the traveling ability to do last time. I’d like to see Normandy beaches (though I have been to Dunquerque, an important place in the history of the war).

2. Britain: I’ve been to London and Edinburgh, but I’d like to do an entire tour of both countries. I’d like to combine Harry Potter and Jane Austen to make a great expedition into Britain’s smaller towns and countrysides.

3. China: Now, I really only want to return to China because I’ve already been there. Otherwise, I don’t know that it would make my list, mostly because of all the reasons I left. It has great food, seriously, on par with French. Also, everything is ridiculously cheap once you get there (and let’s not forget the pirated DVDs ;]). But there are plenty of downsides to China and I wouldn’t really recommend leaving the big cities if you need a western-style toilet.

Other places I would like to revisit include: Switzerland, Croatia, Belgium

Now onto where I haven’t been yet.

4. Greece: I definitely tried to go to Greece while I was living in France, but costs and time got the better of me and I ended up not going. I have a slight obsession with history and mythology, and Greece is at the top of that list. I’d like to see the acropolis.

2011 15. Ireland: Now I’ve heard there’s not much to do in Ireland except drink (this coming from an Irish friend), but I do have that Irish friend whom I’d like to visit and see a bit of the country – the rolling hills and sheep and everything.

6. Thailand: I also tried to go to Thailand – did you know you can pet a tiger in Thailand? That was my sole reason for wanting to go, and it still is. Petting a tiger is on my bucket list. At some point, I will go to Thailand and do it. At the time I tried, they were having major political unrest (think 2010) so that was a no-go.

7. Egypt: At the moment, Egypt is not the safest place so I doubt I’ll be going anytime soon, but this ties into the historical mythology as well. I love Egyptian histories and I’d love to see the pyramids.

When I moved to France, I had a whole list of places I wanted to travel to, and I think I did hit a large majority, including a few I hadn’t intended to go to, but despite that, there are still places I want to go, and I doubt I’ll ever get to all of them. What about you? Where do you dream of traveling?


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