Book Review

Book Review: The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

Recently, I read The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon, I’d never heard of it until my friend insisted I read it, and as we all11 know, I’m one of those annoying people who dislike doing things people tell me to do, especially when “IT’S SO GOOD.” You’d think that in my late twenties, I would grow out of that, but we are what we are. Anyway, I am more apt to give things a chance at this age than I was as a teenager, so I dragged myself down to the library to borrow the book.

Supposedly, The Bone Season is the first in a series of seven (much like Harry Potter, and the similarities don’t end there). Our protagonist is Paige Mahoney, former resident of Ireland and current resident of Scion (aka the UK in an alternate future). This world is filled with voyants, or rather, clairvoyants, who are persecuted as unnatural. It has all the beginnings of a typical YA dystopian novel.

Unlike most YA dystopian novels, however, the first book does not focus on a love story (thank the heavens!), and Paige is not 16. It is in first person, though, a personal pet peeve of mine, but it works better than some.

I don’t like to give too much away if anyone plans on reading it, but I’ll just say that while I did enjoy the book and may read the next book when it comes out, there are some issues that I had. Mostly it was introducing too many characters at once, not giving most of them distinct personalities or characteristics to help me remember who they were or if they were important. Also, there were times when Paige seemed to know things without finding them out first. Either I didn’t read close enough or the author was assuming I knew things I didn’t.

For those of you who enjoy fanfic and shipping, there are a few possibilities, however, I think we’ll have to get more into the rest of the series to actually understand any of the side characters. Outside of Paige, there are really only 3 or 4 other characters that do anything other than exist to further her goal. I hope they’ll get some more screentime in the next book.

Overall rating: 6/10


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