Writing Tips

5 Tips to Playing Catch-Up

NaNo has arrived, along with a ton of other things to do this month. What does that mean? Well, I was behind, like 10k words behind. Never fear, though! There was still time to catch up. So how do you do that?

1. Set a goal. Luckily for us NaNo participants, the nanowrimo website has a handy dandy calculator that tells us how many words per day we must write in order to catch up. Setting goals helps you do things little by little instead of all at one.

2. Enlist help. Find someone to do word wars with! Small sprints of writing help you stay focused and get things done quickly.

3. Reward yourself. Rewards come in all shapes and sizes. My favorite reward is peppermint patties. They’re the perfect size to eat one and not feel bad, plus peppermint is a great gateway into the holiday season.

4. Plot it out. Sometimes the reason we’re behind or stuck if because we don’t know where to go. Take a break and think up a few possible scenarios for where the story could go.

5. Take inspiration from your surroundings. On the other side of plotting is pantsing! Add in something around you and see where it takes you.

Catching up is certainly not impossible, and it’s much easier if you turn off distractions and actually focus on writing. There’s still time, so don’t give up yet!


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