Writing Tips

Write What You Don’t Know

“Bad books on writing tell you to “WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW”, a solemn and totally false adage that is the reason there exist so many mediocre novels about English professors contemplating adultery.”

– Jon Haldeman

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Writing Tips

The Red Dress

When I moved to France, back in 2010, it just so happened that my friend Matt was going to be in Wales at the same time, and since Wales and France were a lot closer than we were in the US, we made a plan to meet up. At that point, I’d known Matt almost five years though we had never met in person. It’s been a long time since the internet was a place your parents warned you about, though that doesn’t always mean your parents were wrong. It just means to be careful. After five year, though, I was fairly sure Matt wasn’t a serial killer. So we made a plan to meet up in Paris because who doesn’t want to say they have a rendez-vous in Paris?

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Writing Tips

Weathering the Storms

At Disney, they have what they call Imagineers, a sort of blend between imagination and engineers. These are people hired to figure out the problems presented in the parks, to find creative and new solutions to old problems. How many times have you had a story where you’ve simply given up and moved on? Well, an Imagineer would eventually come back to that story and rework it until it fit.

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