The Nostalgia Generation

The other day, I saw a quote about my generation (Gen Y, aka Millenials) being the Nostalgia Generation. For years now, I’ve seen article after article about how lazy Millenials are, how they expect things on a silver platter, how they’re obsessed with the 90s (that last one isn’t an exaggeration, I’ll give you that). Everyone older seems to view Millenials as ruining the “good old days” they grew up with. The quote on the Nostalgia Generation was referring to the fact that we romanticize our childhoods to a point that most generations have not, and why is that?

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I’m more of a novel writer where continuity is an easier, at least I feel, thing to achieve because it’s not a long-term thing like in TV shows where they write episodes one at a time. Either way, continuity is an important part of any media. It’s what ties everything together and lets a reader, or watcher, keep track of details. Once continuity is lost within a piece, it becomes confusing and the audience can sometimes be distracted, or even annoyed and angry, by the lack of it.

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Writing Tips

5 Ways to Get Back on Task

I don’t know if you noticed, but I definitely missed my first post of the month on here. I don’t really have any excuse except plain forgetfulness. Work has been so busy that the 10th came and went and I didn’t even notice. I spent my weekends editing and learning new skills! Yeah, I finally taught myself gif-making and the basics of Adobe Illustrator. It’s one of those things that have been on my list forever that I never quite got around to. Of course, all of this new learning was simply a method of procrastination.

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