Writing Tips

5 Ways to get your Writing Unstuck

It’s that time of year again. No, not a holiday or summer, though it most definitely is summer here, but the time when I realize how old I am and how much older I’m going to be in a few days. Yes, my birthday is coming up, which means another year gone. Unfortunately, I haven’t done much of what I wanted to do since last year. I didn’t edit a novel or make anything publish-worthy. Instead, I sort of floundered around. The one thing I did accomplish this year was to get my first ~real~ job which could potentially set me on a career path for life if I let it.

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The Reverse Bucket List

The end of this month, May 2015, marks my ten year anniversary of graduating high school! Ten years. That’s a long time and yet it still feels like just yesterday. How did I get so old? Where exactly did all that time go? This post isn’t about high school because, oh god, how much do I not want to relive high school? A lot. Instead, this post is about the last ten years of my life and what I have accomplished. A reverse bucket list, if you will.

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