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The Worst Part of Self-Publishing

Let’s talk about self-publishing. I’ve done it twice, and each time, I’ve learned a lot. It definitely isn’t something you’ll get completely right your first time out of the box. Self-publishing is a constant learning process, and it’s certainly not all roses and puppies. I’m here to share with you some of the most difficult parts of self-publishing. But don’t worry; it gets better 😉

  • self-editing: We all know self-editing is hard. It’s hard to take yourself out of what you’ve been working on and look at it objectively. Even if you find someone to help (Seriously, FIND SOMEONE TO HELP), it’s still hard. Knowing what to cut and what needs to be changed is something that you may never quite understand on your own. That’s why the world invented editors and readers. Take advantage of those where you can get them, but take advice with a grain of salt.
  • marketing: We’re all marketing geniuses, right? Right! In reality, marketing is hard. Especially marketing books in a world where 42% of people don’t read a book after high school. You have to create a social media presence. You have to be annoying about self-promoting. You have to find your niche. NGL, you kind of need friends that are willing to help too.
  • being confident in your changes: When editing, there will be times when you feel like you’ve made all the wrong choices and have no idea where you’re going with your story. It happens to everyone. JK Rowling tweeted the other day on this very subject. Things tend to look worse before they look better.
  • having reliable resources: With the internet, there’s so much information out there that it’s impossible to know what’s actually helpful and what’s not. You really just have to use your judgement. Pick and choose what will work for you. Leave the rest.

These are all assuming you don’t pay for professional help such as editors, but even then, you can’t be 100% completely sure you’re getting the right feedback. Either way, you’re going to run into problems that you’ll have to overcome, but hopefully the outcome will make everything worth it in the end.


2 thoughts on “The Worst Part of Self-Publishing

  1. Agreed – not easy – but it does get better! I’m working on book #11, and I’ve self-published the previous 10. I have learned a TON since hitting the button the first time, but I wouldn’t change the process. I’m quite happy being an Indie and have settled into my role. I outsource what I can now, and that helps tremendously. Writing is a creative process and you use a certain part of your brain for it, and editing is more analytical, and forces you to use the other parts of your brain. Not easy for all to do. Thankfully, I have a fantastic (though not cheap) editor, because that old adage is true in this case: you get what you pay for!

    I think many writers are scared about the process of self-publishing but the freedom and control it allots is so worth it. 🙂

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