The Rallying Cry of Writing

Looking around for ideas for this week’s blog post, I came across one that said, write a “what’s new” post about your writing. I sat there, laughed derisively to myself, and said, “nothing.” Because that is what’s new with my writing. Honestly, I haven’t really written anything since NaNoWriMo. That was… eight months ago. Yes, I have been working on editing some things in that time, but I don’t feel as if I’ve made much of a difference on anything.

In, May, I think it was, I made a resolution to begin editing last year’s NaNo. One chapter a week, I said, until it was done. Well, that lasted all of two weeks before another project took precedence and it got stuck on the backburner, yet again. After that, it was work that got in the way—I was out of town a lot and there were weekend events. I’ve been very busy the last couple months. I’d like to say I’m home free, but I’ll be out of town again in a few weeks for work, so not quite yet.

August, I say with an attempted bit of confidence. August is when I will have my weekends back and no more work trips for a while (that I know of anyway). Then maybe I can get back on track. But don’t we tell ourselves this all the time? We’ll get started later or we’ll do it tomorrow. That’s when things fall apart. Clearly. As evidenced by my lack of accomplishing goals.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. We can still rally! We can still pull through. It’s only July! December is months away. So… time to rally? What does that mean?

It means getting back on track and taking the reigns (am I mixing too many metaphors?). Time to make a commitment and stick to it. I’ve talked repeatedly about how to do this, but the real answer here is you’ve just gotta f***ing do it. Sit down and make yourself edit that novel or write that next chapter. No one’s gonna do it for you. As much as we wish they would. I think I’ve taken a long enough break to clear my head. Maybe I can get myself back to a good place now.

Whatever it takes, you gotta do it. Rise to the rallying call and keep on truckin’!


2 thoughts on “The Rallying Cry of Writing

  1. I know what you mean. I’ve not gotten as much writing done lately as I’ve wanted, either. I’ve tried to set myself little goals to meet, like even just a few hundred words a day, and I might keep to it for a few days, but then things will get me distracted from it, like work or just life in general, and I’ll find myself having trouble getting back into the swing of things. I’d hope to maybe be close to finishing my WIP by the end of the year (just like I’d hoped last year), but I’m not even close, I’m still hanging in at around a little more than halfway through it.

    1. It really is a lot harder than people think it is, huh. And they’re always asking when your next book is coming out. My answer is usually, “when it’s ready.” And that seems about right.

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