A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Okay, definitely more than a day late with this post. The 20th came and went  and I never got around to writing anything down. I was working on NaNo, and I conveniently got sick last Tuesday. Oh well, at least it’s before the holidays and not on them, right? Speaking of NaNo, anyone working on it should be well on their way to 40K! It seems a mountainous climb, but you’ll make it.

As for me, I “won” NaNo on Sunday. Yep, banged out 7k words in probably about as many hours. The novel isn’t done at 50k, but once you get there, it seems motivation falls way down. I’m looking forward to going home and not having to work on it tonight. That is my reward.

This year was not so much a struggle as it was a push. I don’t know that I picked the right plot or that I cared enough to execute it in the right way. It always comes that at the end of NaNo I think what I’ve written is terrible. Then I reread and find it’s not so bad. Only to come back a few months later and realize that no, it really was that bad.

The next logical step is editing, but we all know how difficult that can be. I think, for now, I’m going to let it sit and maybe it will get better with time. Who knows.


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