The GoodReads Challenge

If you’re on Goodreads, you’ve probably heard of the reading challenge–basically challenging yourself to read a certain amount of books in a year. I’ve done it the last 3 years, and although I’ve always reached my goal, I haven’t exactly pushed myself. My goal? 15 books. That’s like a book and a quarter every month. Hardly challenging, right?

I’ve recently finished the challenge for this year (literally, finished book #15 last night!) and I was looking over the books I read this year:


Of those 15 books, I only gave two a rating above 3 stars. That’s not very good. What does that say, really? To me, it says I’m reading books that don’t interest me. Did I know before I started reading them that they wouldn’t interest me? A few. A few I expected to be better than they were. And the two I rated high, I expected to like them and I did.

I don’t know about you, but I am picky. So picky about books I read. Perhaps it comes from reading so much in my past life or being a writer and easily picking out flaws. Whatever it is, there are things I can’t get over. I don’t try to pick books I know I won’t like, but finding ones I think I will becomes more and more challenging. As a kid, I could read almost anything and be satisfied, but my tastes have evolved.

I prefer to read the same books over again rather than go through the process of finding new favorite books. The point of this challenge is to read new books. Did I spend two weeks rereading The Hunger Games series a few weeks ago? Yes. Do I regret it? Not really because I love those books.

Finding the books you like can take time. My only advice to give is not to read things just because you have it or because The Times says it’s good. Not that you shouldn’t read new things, but if you’re like me, life’s hard being a picky reader. I may not have liked most of the books I read this year, but I read them and you never know how you’ll feel until you do it. Some of those up there had a lot of unfulfilled potential that would have made them better books if the author had gone a bit further.

Either way, keep reading and I’ll try to find better books next year.


3 thoughts on “The GoodReads Challenge

    1. It was one of those rare books where the movie was better, in my opinion. Julie was pretty whiny and self-centered for most of the book, and since it’s sort of an autobiography, I don’t know there’s room for improvement!

      1. That is really good to know. The movie was excellent. But you cannot go wrong with the Meryl Streep :). I might have to consider taking that one off of my reading list then. It is already quite long. As I am sure yours is too!

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