Missed Post

I missed February’s post. It flew right by, not because I was busy. No. Not because I was writing the next masterpiece. I was sick. I was sick for three weeks, which is a really long time for anyone who knows me. What I thought was just the flu/cold ended up being a sinus infection and pre-bronchitis. Long story short, I haven’t gotten much done lately.

March is one of those months that is also going to fly by but also crawl really slowly. My pregnant sister is due this month and my parents are coming (to stay with me which means more house-fixing). Meanwhile I still don’t have furniture–they assure me it will be delivered this week but who knows. I also heard there’s a tornado watch up north in the next few days. Fun stuff.

So what does that mean for writing? Well, it means I’m not doing any. I have something to edit that’s on a deadline (72 hours, well now it’s probably 48 because I forgot about it yesterday. Oops). What did I do instead? Watched half a season of Fuller House. As someone who has only occasionally watched the original series, I’m going to say that I think the sequel is better.

I really need to get back on track. Maybe in April?


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