Two Missed Posts in a Row

I’ve now missed all my dates for March posts. Yep, I am that far behind on things. Unfortunately, I don’t have any advice to give on how to catch up either. My only advice would be to focus, but it’s been hard to do that lately.

I did mention previously that I bought a house. Most of my time has been taken up with house repairs. As much work as I have done to this house, it still feels as if it’s never-ending. I guess that’s the point of home-ownership. You fix and you fix and things never get fixed. When will I get to the fun part? The decorating? The reason I have a pinterest account. I don’t know. Someday maybe.

My parents have been visiting this week, which means my dad has found a hundred more little problems I didn’t even know existed. Lucky for me, he has fixed many of those problems (so many electrical problems!). They’re not visiting for me. They’re actually visiting for my sister, who had her baby this week. I’m an aunt! I’m gonna be a cool aunt. I’m also going to spoil my niece rotten then send her home to her parents.

I guess my goal this month is to catch-up, but considering the month is almost over, maybe I won’t succeed. I’m still behind two blog posts and I’ve got a week to remedy that. Good luck to me!


2 thoughts on “Two Missed Posts in a Row

  1. Congratulations on your house! Writers lives are so busy. I’m sorry they left you so many problems. I hope your dad finds them all. Also, congratulations on becoming an aunt.
    I enjoy your posts whenever you can make them. I’ve only read before. I rarely comment on anything now. I’m far behind as well.

    1. He is certainly finding more and more every day. Good news is he leaves tomorrow, though, so perhaps I’ll get a reprieve (not that I want him to go but if he could just stop finding problems, that would be great…).

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