Catching Up

This post officially means I am caught up on posts for March. Yeah, I was a slacker for a while there but maybe this means things are calming down? Yeah, okay.

It’s spring, which means time to start anew. Oh, you thought that was what the New Year was for? No, that’s just when we all make promises to ourselves that we won’t keep. Spring is the time for cleaning (we cleaned almost all the windows in my house last weekend–it was an involved process much more complicated than a light windex). I’m also working on all the fire hazards in the house (of which there are too many). There’s still a billion things to do but some of it’s getting done.

I was unceremoniously upgraded the other day to Windows 10. Thanks, Microsoft. Now I have to relearn where everything is and how to find it. I’d just gotten used to the old way. Needless to say, it took a bit of time to find Scrivener in my programs.

Ah, Scrivener. I haven’t opened you in many months. But you always open up to my last project as if to remind me of what I haven’t been doing lately. I’m aware I haven’t edited anything yet. Those New Years resolutions are coming back to bite me in the ass.

But it’s spring, almost summer if the weather has anything to say about it. Time to start fresh and rejuvenate. Let’s go work on some projects!


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