A Superhero Landing

It’s May 10th! What does that mean? Deadpool is coming out today. I’ve been waiting for this a while, let me tell you. If you haven’t seen Deadpool, it’s definitely not your typical superhero movie. He’s more of an anti-hero and the first Marvel movie to be rated R.


I’ve got to admit that I’m getting burnt out on superhero movies. How many Avengers/Cap/Thor movies have there been in the last couple years? I don’t even watch those, but still, I see them everywhere. I watch X-Men, but even I am starting to tire of watching movies with too-confusing plots and way too many characters.

That’s part of the reason I enjoy Deadpool so much. Critics didn’t like it, but I think sometimes they just take movies too seriously and Deadpool is not meant to be taken seriously. I mean, he breaks the fourth wall, talks to the audience, tells a cab driver to kill his cousin, and listens to 90s R&B shamelessly. He’s like a real person would be.

What does Deadpool have to do with a writing blog? Movies and books are very similar, though totally different methods of telling the same story. Movies are visual books.


I love movies as much as I love books, and I love quirky weird movies even more. I’m not talking hipster, everyone-obsessed-with movies like Garden State. Movies that do things differently, that take a chance (so many people complained about Deadpool, despite being sufficiently warned on content. In case you’re wondering, don’t watch it if you don’t want to see sex, language, and violence). Deadpool is also a good example that movies can succeed without the Chinese market (the reason why so many movies are made and good storylines are cut). Deadpool didn’t release in China and still made billions of dollars.

So I’m going to watch Deadpool again soon and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it. On a sidenote, Ryan Reynolds is perf.



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