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A Scrivener Review

So I’ve had Scrivener about 2 years? Maybe 3. I can’t quite remember. But I’ve never done a review on it. So I thought today would be as good as any.

Scrivener, in case you aren’t familiar, is a writing program. It’s much like any word processor: you type and words come out. But it has many more abilities beyond typing up a document. I couldn’t even begin to list all the features so I will just list my favorites.

  1. Multiple files in one document
    1. I tend to have a lot of little documents scattered around — characters, plot, etc. I used to keep them all in separate word documents and then have trouble remembering where I put them. In Scrivener, I can keep them all together but in separate little files! I can even add images for inspiration or whatever I want.
  2. Black-out mode
    1. That’s not what it’s called officially, but it’s a mode you can go into where it blacks out the rest of your screen and all you see is the document. It makes it much easier to concentrate because you’re not tempted to click on the internet button or go change the music a million times to find the “right” song.
  3. Compiling chapters
    1. Along with the multiple files, you can also separate your entire document into chapter files, and at the end, compile them into one. It makes it easier to edit a specific place (also to find chapters).

Those are my top three things I like about Scrivener. Of course, it can do a million more things, which may also be one of the downsides since it can take a while to learn it all, and honestly, I don’t remember half of what it does. But even for those three items, it’s worth it to me.

If you have Scrivener, what do you like about it? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “A Scrivener Review

  1. There’s a blogger friend of mine who is my Scrivener guru. She organizes and writes all of her novels in Scrivener – she’s what I’d call a definite power user. Myself? I’ve had the software for about the same time you have and am just now using it to draft a novel. Before, I’d draft in Word (or notebooks, or on Post-Its, or napkins, lol…you get the gist), then use Scrivener to help organize the mess. I’m finding it’s much better to start in Scrivener :-).

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