The Swing of Things

I’ve been back almost a week, crawling back into the work routine. All was going fine until I woke up feeling exhausted yesterday morning. What is it about Wednesdays? Anyway, this week has been a lot of catch-up both at work and at home (okay, not so much at home. I’ve spent most of it watching Avatar The Last Airbender). I figure, after spending so many months working nonstop on the house, I deserve a break, right? Except that wallpaper isn’t going to take itself down.

I’ve got to get back into a good routine. Watching Avatar is all well and good (because it’s an amazing show) but if I’ve got hours after work, I should use them more productively.

Sokka applauds my efforts

I could write! Hey, what a novel idea (was that a pun? You bet your ass). Easier said than done, though.

I could edit! Another laborious task that, while necessary, is not always (read: never) fun.

I could work on the house! There are still a million things to do, but things that could be accomplished in an evening? Perhaps.

I could read! I need to reread a few things.


Or, you know, I could do absolutely nothing for a while and be unproductive, because that’s okay too.



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