The Onslaught of Autumn

Pumpkin spice is coming.

Autumn is not exactly my favorite season, but after summer, I’m always exceptionally glad when it does come. (Or well, since fall no longer means school, I am). I like autumn in that it’s a precursor to winter. It’s the beginning of cooler weather. For almost 14 years, I’ve lived in places where summer is unbearably hot. Months and months of days where you can’t even go outside for fear of melting. Granted, New Mexico isn’t as bad as Arizona, but I wouldn’t call it a luxurious summer retreat.

Autumn also means holidays are coming! I’m not a huge fan of Halloween (it’s never been much more than another day to me), but I love Thanksgiving and Christmas. I like wearing sweatshirts and socks, and I especially like how the bugs go away.

I don’t set many stories in autumn with the exception of stories that start in November. The majority of mine are set in winter or summer. When I do put them in summer, it’s in the “nice” idea of summer, the summers I grew up with in Oregon where weather is temperate and everything is a lush green. We didn’t have air conditioning, but we honestly never needed it. For many years, I didn’t even know what air conditioning was.

This year, the prep for autumn has been a little different because something new is coming. Something I’m not ready to announce to the general public yet, but it’s coming soon. So perhaps autumn will be my favorite season this year.


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