The Meh of Writing

Here we are in the middle of October already. NaNoWriMo is two weekends away and my prep has amounted to half an hour of me staring at a blank screen willing my brain to come up with ideas.

To be honest, I’ve been a little down on NaNo the past couple of years, and I’ve been down on writing too. That certainly doesn’t make coming up with a plot any easier. I’ve been writing for over ten years now and it feels like I’ve used up all my good ideas. And the ones I did use have been lingering unedited on my computer for a decade. So what do I do when NaNo is coming up and I feel kinda meh?

I used to love NaNo. There was a group of us on AIM chat who would get together every November and talk and catch up and write. Then the chat went away. The community on LiveJournal petered out and I had to find another group. There is a chat I go on during November but I never feel like I fit in with this particular group of people. So I tend to lurk and join in on word wars when we have them. All my friends who do NaNo are far away and we hardly talk anyway.

Half of the point of NaNo is the social experience of everyone else who’s doing it with you. Going to write-ins, talking on the forums, making new friends. All of you struggling towards the same goal. I live in a small town now and there’s maybe 4-5 people who do NaNo here.

But I’m still going to do NaNo because this is my ninth year and I haven’t lost yet. I can be stubborn when I want to be. I’m going to do stare at my blank page for another half an hour and see if anything comes to me. If it doesn’t, then November first will be a pantsing moment to remember.


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