A Week to Trump Them All

It’s been almost a week since Trump was elected, and I still don’t know quite what to say.

I woke up on Wednesday and felt sick to my stomach as I looked up the results of the election. I wondered, how could people do this? How could they elect someone who was outright racist, sexist, misogynistic, has multiple lawsuits pending including those about sexual abuse, not to mention the fact that he has refused to release tax returns when every other president before him has. He claimed to be the opposite of Washington, but what he is is inexperienced and a blowhard.

I’d like to think that my Republican friends are not racist, are not sexist, but by electing Trump, the country has made all of that okay. They have validated the super right-wingers (the ones who probably thought Hitler had the right idea). Unfortunately, I am a blue dot in a red sea where I live. I don’t believe that the people I work with on a daily basis are like Trump. I believe that I live in oil country and many people believe it flourishes under Republican leadership. That may or may not be true considering two years ago, oil was at a peak price under a Democrat president. But the fact remains that Trump was elected in spite of everything he said.

Some people say that Hillary was the wrong choice to go against Trump, but excuse me, Bernie wouldn’t have had a shot in hell at carrying the card-carrying Democrats. Millenials may have voted for him, but the percentage of millenials that vote is low compared to voters in the age ranges of 40+. It saddens me that a woman who was the most qualified candidate we have ever had to spend the entire campaign defending herself against the man who can’t even string a coherent sentence together. She was lampooned for emails that revealed nothing and for participating in strikes along with most of the rest of congress. Everyone in government is forced to make those choices; it’s part of the job. Bush killed hundreds, possibly thousands, of people in Iraq, but that doesn’t matter because we’re not talking about Bush, are we?

This isn’t about Hillary, though. It’s about what Trump represents and the validation his voters feel, that they’ve won.

I became slightly less worried over time because I had some faith in the system, in congress and the fact that most of his ideas would have to be approved. Also, it has become enormously clear over the past few days how much this was only a competition for Trump, and now that he’s won, he’s shitting himself realizing he’s got to do work. He has to read briefs and listen to reports and make real life decisions. He can’t just point at whoever he doesn’t like in the government and say “You’re fired.” Bureaucracy is a beautiful thing in this case.

For a few days, I felt better armed with that knowledge, but then the appointments came.

Stephen Bannon, a self-proclaimed alt-right believer who has been accused of abuse and antisemitism among other things. Another nod to the people who helped get Trump elected. Someone to whisper in Trump’s ear as his chief adviser, much as Joseph Goebbels was to Hitler.

Already there has been violence, on both sides. Violence against Muslims has spiked 67%. Democrats are protesting (as is their American right, and anyone who says otherwise has not paid attention in the last 300 years). I don’t agree with the violence of the protesting, but I understand it. They feel threatened, scared, worried. I am scared. I am worried for my friends who are Black, Hispanic, Asian, gay, female, or otherwise “othered” from the straight white male complex.

Republicans are preaching acceptance and “give Trump a chance.” I’m sorry, but he had his chance on the campaign trail and we saw him say what he wanted to say, and he still got elected. He represents the US now, our voice, our mouthpiece. You can’t turn a blind eye to what he’s said, who he is appointing to his cabinet. Already, he has backtracked on several of his “promises.”

Look, here’s the deal. I am not upset that a Republican won. I expect it to go back and forth because that is the trend in the politics. But at this point, I am begging for Ted-The Zodiac Killer-Cruz back. I would even go back in time and vote for Romney or McCain if it meant no Trump now. Romney’s “binders of women” seem much less threatening now. Trump can’t be trusted. He changes his mind every few minutes. I have no doubt that half of the things he said on the campaign trail, he doesn’t give one fuck about. He said what he needed to say to get elected. He did everything in his power to NOT get elected, but he did. And now we have to deal with it.

Instead of spending the rest of our lives listening to Trump moan about how rigged the election was, we have to spend at least the next four years trying to stop our country from becoming the next Auschwitz. Perhaps I’m overreacting. Perhaps in four years I’ll look back on this post and laugh at how naive I was, how over dramatic. I was not this upset when George W. Bush was elected (though if I’d predicted we’d be thrown into a conflict with Iraq for the next 10 years, I might have been). Or perhaps in four years, blogging will be shut down because Trump doesn’t like what people say about him.

I’d just like to say that I’m not going to “get over it” because Hillary lost and Trump won. I am not upset that he won. I am upset that his values won. I am upset that this follows all the pattern of Hitler’s ascent to power. I am upset that there are still those in our country who blame minorities for their problems and think that getting rid of them is the way to fix that. I am upset that women are still seen as lesser and we have to fight to have bodily autonomy in this day and age. I am upset at all the women who voted for Trump, knowing full well what he’s done.

I’ve tried to think of ways to stop this, but there is none. In January, we will have a new president whether we like it or not, and we have to have faith that the system will stop him, and that we as citizens will not take it lying down. We will recognize problems and refuse to accept them as normal. I don’t want to look back on this in 30 years and realize we became the new Nazi Germany.






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