The Worst NaNo Ever

I could lie and say this was my best NaNoWriMo ever, but that wouldn’t do anyone any favors. The truth is that this NaNo was one of my worst ever. For a while, I legitimately thought this would be the year I lost.  There were some pretty bad days in November and a lot of days away from my computer, but I made it.

I may have made 50k, but I can honestly say that, writing-wise, it is my worst NaNo. I don’t think I ever fully figured out who the characters were or what they wanted, and of those 50,496 words, there are probably only about 2k that are salvageable (as in, could make it into the rewrite). There will be a rewrite, a complete and total, from the bottom-up rewrite of this one. I have never felt so aimless during a NaNo, not even when I started one with absolutely nothing to go on. The characters at least took shape then. Not this time.

Sometimes, you go into things with an idea (and sometimes you don’t) and you hope that the characters will develop themselves. It doesn’t usually work, at least for me. It was a bad month for writing overall, but I pushed myself (a little too hard but oh well) and got it done.

Some people are still working on their NaNos, and I wish them luck. May your novel turn out better than mine. I suppose it’s time to start thinking about the rewrite because there will have to be one if I have any intention of making this readable. Excuse me while I pull out my notebook and get to plotting.


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