2016 Year in Review and New Years Resolutions

This always comes back around, doesn’t it? Somehow, we made it to the end of 2016 (though I’m not sure if we’ll make it to the end of ’17 the way things are going). Still, I made goals. I don’t remember what any of them were, which probably means I didn’t accomplish many but oh well. Time to make new ones.

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Writing Tips

Fixing A Disastrous First Draft

Now that NaNo is officially over, it’s time to start thinking about the edit, or in my case, rewrite because nothing I wrote is worth saving this time around. So you wrote a terrible first draft! It happens to everyone. In my case, I had no idea where I was going or who my characters were. I thought perhaps they would reveal themselves to me as we got going, but though they did show some characteristics in the end, I largely still don’t know who they are. So how do we fix that?

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