2016 Year in Review and New Years Resolutions

This always comes back around, doesn’t it? Somehow, we made it to the end of 2016 (though I’m not sure if we’ll make it to the end of ’17 the way things are going). Still, I made goals. I don’t remember what any of them were, which probably means I didn’t accomplish many but oh well. Time to make new ones.

So here were last year’s goals:

  • Write 3 blogs/month
  • Read 20 books
  • Write 2 novels/novellas
  • Edit 1 novel
  • Find a new accountability partner (and hope it sticks?)

Um, did I do any of those things? Well, this blog means I’m caught up, so maybe I didn’t write 3 blogs a month, but I did write a total of 36, which was the real goal. As for reading, I have so far read 19 books, which means there is one left to go.

Did I write 2 novels this year? Actually yes! I did. You know, if you include the trainwreck that was NaNo. I also wrote a novel back in May/June on my own volition. And, to impress you even more, I edited that sucker! Okay, so when I made that goal, it was with the intention to edit one of the many NaNos I have abandoned in recent years, but oh well. It counts.

So technically, I did do almost everything on my list. Except find an accountability partner. I admit, I did not even look for one. Meh.

Now, it’s almost 2017 which means more goals to make. Here we go.

  • Get back to budgeting (this is not writing related but it’s really something I need to get back to so I can pay off some things, like my car)
  • Write 3 blogs per month (36 total)
  • Read 15 books (bringing this down because I don’t want to force myself to read books I don’t like just to meet some goal)
  • Rewrite NaNo 2016
  • Write 1 other novel/novella
  • Edit a NaNo novel (someday I might actually do this. Until then, I’ll keep putting it on the list)

Idk, that seems like a decent list. It really doesn’t change much year to year, mostly because I don’t actually do half the stuff on it.  But anyway, here’s to 2017 and may it not end in fire and brimstone.



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