New Year, Same You

It should come as no surprise that I’m behind again. Hey, that is what I’m best at.

This month has been very busy at work, and thankfully, the busyness should end at the end of the month once our Very Large and Important Event has completed. It’s been weeks of ribbon-tying, basket-putting-together, scheduling, program-making work. But it’s almost over.

In the meantime, it’s January, and that means getting to editing. Well, hopefully.

You’ll remember that NaNo this year was terrible for me, so I vowed to rewrite my novel into something marginally better. I started the rewrite a few weeks ago, after the first of the year, but it’s been very slow going. I asked my friend to read it and give some feedback, which helped a bit, but I still felt as if I was struggling to figure out the plot, struggling to figure out the characters and what they wanted.

I’m about 20k words into the rewrite, and so far, I still feel a little lost. It’s largely the plot that’s the problem, the lack of a good villain. Not that every story needs a villain in the traditional sense, but the whole thing felt lacking and thin overall. So I’m trying to rework it into something better.

At some point, you either have to push through or give up. I’m not ready to give up quite yet. So I’ll keep going, and I don’t know how many more rewrites I’ll have to do before it feels right. Well, one month down. On to February.


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