Putting Things Off

I am a master procrastinator. Then again, aren’t all Millenials? Aren’t all writers?

I should clarify: I don’t always procrastinate, but when I do, it’s always to my own detriment. In school, I didn’t procrastinate. I was that person everyone hated who always had essays written a month before they were due, of course then, I would let them languish for a month and edit the night before, if I edited at all. That was probably due to anxiety. So it’s no surprise that I put off things I don’t want to do.

I went to the dentist three times in the last two months. Yeah, it was something I put off to my own failings. Yesterday, I couldn’t feel my face for most of the day, and though it was annoying, I mostly felt relief. Relief that it was over and I no longer had to procrastinate. Now, it’s all down to up-keep.

Upkeep is so much easier than letting things go. Last year, when I first moved into my house, I did not keep up with the back yard. I didn’t rake up all the leaves or pick up those infernal pecan nuts that live constantly in my yard. I let them sit there, creating a nest for bugs and who knows what else until I finally paid a kid to clean it up for me. Now that it’s all cleaned, though, it’s up to me to do the up-keep. I’m currently in the process of raking up all the leaves and those stupid pecans so that when spring comes around, I’ll be able to mow the yard and keep it decent looking.

It’s hard to do up-keep in writing. It’s much easier to procrastinate or let things sit. Mark Twain let ten years go by in the middle of writing Huck Finn. I’m not sure George R Martin has any intention of actually finishing Game of Thrones ever. It’s like when someone emails you and you mean to write back but it’s too soon, so you let a few days go by, and then a month, and then it’s been too long to reply. So you just don’t. That’s kind of what writing is like for me. If I don’t do it right away, I probably won’t.

So I’m in the middle of editing my NaNo 2016. It went along for a decent clip at the beginning but then I stalled and here we are, 3 weeks out from writing anything on it. I do plan to get back to it, no really, I do. It’s just a matter of doing it. So here we are, putting things off again. That dentist thing should be a reminder not to put stuff off, but let’s not lie to each other. I still will.


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