Happy Everyday

When I was living in China, I came across quite a bit of Chinglish (Chinese-English). I’m pretty sure they relied on Google Translate for all of their signs, shirts, and whatever else. A lot of it made very little sense, or some sense if you took half of it out. I didn’t run into the same problem in France so I wonder what went wrong in China.

One of the best instances of bad English was on the back of a coat one of my friends bought in China. On the back, the manufacturer had stitched, “Happy Everyday.” My friend bought it simply because it said that. You could argue that it’s not bad English, per se. It does at least make some sense.

I think about that saying sometimes. What exactly does it mean? We should be happy every day? That every day is happy? Or should be? It’s like saying good morning when it hasn’t been a good morning. Personally, I never add the “good” to my morning greetings. Most of my mornings are neither good nor bad up to the point where I have to greet people.

I have certainly not been Happy Everyday for a long while. In fact, probably not since middle school. That’s a long time. Of course, there have been moments, but everyone has their moments. There have been stretches of time in which I felt happy to wake up and get on with life. There have also been long stretches where that wasn’t the case.

I guess all you can do is strive for happiness, or at least contentment with what you have. So we’ll keep going. Once more into the breach.



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