WWHPD – What Would Harry Potter Do?

This month has gone by surprisingly quickly. Probably because I wasn’t home for part of it, and because I have a visitor staying with me for a couple weeks. It makes the time go by faster. So what did I do that made me miss two blog posts? Well, for one, I went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Yep, for the first time ever. I am quite slow, I admit.

The original plan had been to go to the one in Florida, but I don’t know if that’s ever going to happen at this point. I need someone to go with and so far, no volunteers.

But I did finally get to the one in LA, by way of a fortuitous business trip that took me to Anaheim. Not that I wouldn’t have gotten there on my own someday, but hey, this was easier. So I finally went and it was beautiful. If only it hadn’t been 90 degrees out. Then it would have been like a snowy, cold afternoon in Hogsmeade (yeah, I know it doesn’t snow in LA, but I can pretend).

I had my first butterbeer, spent way too much money on things I did not need (but really wanted ;)), and went on the whole 2 rides. Okay, so you don’t go to WWoHP for the rides, but still.

One other thing I did finally manage to do while at Universal Studios, was go on the Jurassic Park ride. Yes, 21 years after the first time I was there, two days before the ride opened in 1996, when I did not get to ride it, I finally fulfilled the quest. I like bringing things full circle.

So does that mean I’ve worked on any of my writing? Hell no. I did about 10k of editing before I left for LA, but nothing since then. We are not surprised. I kind of forgot about it again. Oh well.

It doesn’t matter because I finally went to HP world, and that’s really all that matters in life, right?



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